How to Make a Release

How to Make a Release


  • Checkout dev branch. This will contain work queued up for the next release.
  • Update version number. Manually update version number in src/lightbox.js and package.json. Don’t use npm version.
  • Build and merge to master. Run grunt build. Make sure you have run bower install ahead of this as it will pull down jQuery which is utilized in the build step. Push to master.


  • Create tagged release. Go to Github Releases page. Draft a new release. Naming convention is v2.8.1. Add notes that link to PRs.
  • npm publish. No need to do anything for Bower as it is entirely based on the Github repo.

Maintenance and Docs

  • GH clean-up. Close out issues with [status] pending release.
  • Lightbox Site. If there are any changes to the options, don’t forget to update the Lightbox Site. The code lives in a separate repo, lightbox2-site.